Goddess Bowl

Goddess Bowl

We created Fit Camp Foods from the idea that healthy food should be accessible and tasty. We ran with the idea and created a storefront that allowed you to come in and grab a bite for now and a bite for later, choosing from crave worthy options that you want to eat. Food is our passion, always has been. So when we were invited to do a collaboration with one of our favourite downtown restaurants, we were so excited! When they told us that they were looking to expand their healthy options and add something plant-based to their menu we were through the roof excited! I love to find new and fun ways to enjoy nutritious foods and this doesn’t stop when I am eating out. I love going to a restaurant and enjoying the food, the atmosphere, the excellent beer taps, (a special nod to the 20+ rotating beer taps available at Rogue), and it’s hard not to love great service. When Rogue asked if we wanted to do a collaboration with them and assist in making a plant-based and gluten free item for their menu, we couldn’t resist. As a plant loving foodie I love being able to find vegan menu items when I go out with friends. Times are definitely changing and these options are becoming more and more available throughout this city. And I think it’s amazing that companies such as Rogue and Steamworks Brewpub are taking action in this movement and offering the vegans out there a dish that’s built just for us. We might be animal loving plant eaters but I’ll be damned if we don’t love a good local brew too.


The dish I created was definitely made with the intention of having the VG & GF labels, however it also had to stand up to all the other amazing options on the menu. One of the main components for me when dreaming up any type of buddha style bowl is that it has to have the element of texture - something fresh, something crunchy, something saucy, a starch, a protein. Then, making all those components come together with an unforgettable sauce. I played around for quite some time with this recipe pulling from their existing menu as well as the one I had curated over at Fit Camp. I think the end result satisfies both the health conscious consumer as well as the crunchy, creamy, saucy, bowl loving, consumer. We ended up with a bowl we named the “Goddess Bowl” named after the style of dressing that gets drizzled over the top. Though the name comes from the dressing I wouldn’t blame you if you felt somewhat goddess-like after eating it too.

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