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Loop Water Kefir in Ginger Lemon and Northern Plants

Loop Water Kefir in Ginger Lemon and Northern Plants

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Who doesn't love drinking from a can? And at 50 calories a can you can enjoy this gut friendly beverage daily. Don't know about water kefir? Think about it as kombucha's little sister.

We love selling Loop products in our store because not only are they clean and simple ingredients, but to make their products they take rejected food waste and turn it into amazing new health products! Healthy for us, healthy for the planet.

From Loop, on this product:

"To make this gut friendly water kefir, we rescue northern plant hydrosols, an infused water normally rejected in the making of essential oils. We then add cold-pressed juice from perfectly imperfect ginger and lemons. That’s right, this is more than a unique blend of truly good stuff, it’s a solution to food waste."

Ingredients: Filtered water, Cold-pressed ginger juice, Cold-pressed lemon juice, Kefir culture, Goldenrod hydrosol, Cane sugar, Vegan probiotics (Organic Inulin, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086)

More than 2 billion gut-friendly bacteria.
Naturally fermented.
Keep refrigerated.
Gently Swirl.
Please recycle or return where applicable

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