Organic Matcha Spirit | Post-Workout - by Amoda


Revitalize your body and mind after exercise with our Matcha Recovery! A remarkable blend of synergistic, organic ingredients to accelerate recovery after rigorous exercise. This unique formula has been specifically blended for mind and body. Matcha Recovery helps you replenish energy and regain focus and clarity. For your body, it promotes muscle repair, reduces inflammation and provides immune system support. Matcha Recovery delivers an abundance of antioxidants and will help you feel rejuvenated. Be extraordinary! Matcha Recovery contains no fillers, sweeteners or flavourings.

Suggested Uses: Take Matcha Recovery directly after exercise. Shake vigorously with water or juice.

All Organic Ingredients: turmeric powder, chaga steam extract powder, schizandra berry powder, matcha, chlorella powder, black pepper.


Black pepper is added to increase the bioavailability of the curcumin in turmeric (for better absorption).